Wedding Fails

Wedding Fails – those minor and major mishaps at a wedding ceremony or reception – are a reminder that the unexpected can happen at any time or that things can get out of hand quickly.

Even though they’re named “Wedding Fails” they can ruin the celebratory atmosphere at a wedding and they can adversely affect the scheduling of the reception.

When you prepare your agenda you schedule events to take place at certain times.

And you want things to go according to plan because the room is rented for only so many hours.

You don’t anticipate something adverse happening that can throw off the timing of the reception and change the mood and tempo.

If events run overtime or if something happens that disrupts your agenda and timeline, you’ll be expected to make adjustments which could mean eliminating or shortening events that might have special meaning to the newlyweds.

Sometimes we laugh at other people’s mishaps. Sometimes we cringe at what happens.

For example, someone tries to be a hero and shows off his abilities as a break dancer and ends up flat on his back or falling off an elevated dance floor.

Other times we feel sorry for them – especially when something happens to the bride.

After all, it’s not funny to see a bride’s beautiful dress or hair ruined after cake smashing at the cake cutting event – especially when she went to so much time and expense to look beautiful for her groom on her big day.

When I show emcees how to create a fun and memorable reception, I’m not referring to having a laugh at other people’s expense or having something happen that ruins an otherwise perfect day for the newlyweds.

Glitches and mistakes can happen, of course.

And as Wedding MC you can’t anticipate every one of the mishaps that could take place at a reception.

But you can take reasonable steps to minimize unfortunate things from happening by having a contingency plan in place. I cover a number of things that could happen in How To Be A FUN Wedding MC.

There’s probably an almost unlimited number of unforeseen things that could happen but some of the unfortunate mishaps include:

1. Wedding cake tables that collapse or topple over when the cake is being cut. (Be prepared for this happening since it’s not always anticipated.)

2. Obvious dangers (like pools or ponds) depending on the location where the ceremony or reception is taking place.

3. Cake smashing that can turn into a competition between the bride and groom. (The best way to avoid cake smashing is having the bride and groom serve each other cake with forks.)

4. Lifting the bride and groom up on a chair when there’s a low ceiling in the reception room. (This is where viewing the reception room ahead of time can tell you if this will be a problem.)

5. Bringing dogs that are nervous around strangers or other dogs at the wedding. (Some couples want their dogs to be part of the wedding which is perfectly fine.)

6. Guests tripping over rugs or falling on a slippery walkway or dance floor. (This is particularly worrisome especially if there has been rain or water on the walkway or the dance floor has been specially prepared.)

7. The wedding party falling off a boat dock. (Slippery conditions or too many people on a dock or platform pose a real and dangerous hazard even though it might seem like a good or fun idea at the time.)

Your role as emcee is to think ahead and try and anticipate the most obvious things that could happen.

Think about what could happen if the weather changes.

Or if a key player – like the DJ – doesn’t show up.

Or there’s a medical emergency. (Particularly distressing for everyone.)

This is where being prepared can come in handy and pay big dividends.

You’ll be able to respond quickly and appropriately.

Hopefully you’ll never have to worry about something going wrong.

But you should make plans with the bride for contingencies that could affect or even ruin her perfect day.

As the Master of Ceremonies, always be on the lookout for obvious hazards that can affect the guests and the celebration of the marriage and make necessary changes to minimize risks to the newlyweds and their guests.

That means you’ll not only have to check out the reception venue but also consider things like the weather, or guest comfort, or how the agenda will be affected if the bride or her planner hasn’t thought of contingencies.

Here’s a small collection of Wedding Fails that could help you plan for the reception (and by all means be properly prepared so the “event” that happened to one MC in the video doesn’t happen to you – it can be embarrassing in front of the guests!)

How To MC A Wedding

Many novice Wedding MC’s ask how to MC a wedding.

And it’s a great question because there’s a lot of planning that goes into knowing how to MC a wedding reception.

It also shows that you, as the Wedding Master of Ceremonies, want to do a professional job and make it a fun and memorable time for the bride and groom.

Here are some pointers to get you started:

1. Start Planning The Reception And The Events Early

Because the wedding reception is such an involved event, you’ll need time to prepare not only the wedding reception agenda but also the introductions, wedding games and entertainment, and checking out the venue to make sure everything is ready on the wedding day.

Each of these areas will take time to plan properly.

If you leave things to the last moment you risk missing important parts of the reception and overlooking special moments to make the wedding a lasting memory for the newlyweds.

2. Meet With The Bride and Groom and Planners To Find Out What Is Expected Of You As The Wedding Emcee

The bride and groom have given you a huge amount of responsibility. But chances are they don’t know what’s involved with your duties. They’re leaving that up to you as Master of Ceremonies.

That’s why it’s important that you find out what’s expected of you and what the bride’s vision of the reception is.

After all, she’ll have spent most of her time choosing a theme and table settings and centerpieces as well as the menu for the meal.

But she may not have put much thought into making the reception a celebration of her big day because she’s handing that responsibility over to you.

You’ll need to know what’s going on – and only the bride and groom and planners will be able to answer specific questions you have so you can be brought up to speed.

> You’ll need to know who will be in the bridal or wedding party.

> You’ll need background information on the bride and groom if you don’t know them very well as well as the members of the bridal or wedding party.

> You’ll need background on guests who will be giving speeches and toasts and information on dignitaries, if dignitaries are attending the reception.

In How To Be A FUN Wedding MC I have a detailed list of questions you can ask so you know what’s going to happen at the reception.

> When you consult with the bride and groom and wedding planners you’ll also need to know what wedding games and entertainment are planned so you can include those events in your agenda or run sheet.

> You’ll also have to meet with key people involved in the wedding planning including the planners, the event manager at the venue, members of the bridal or wedding party, and the caterer when you’re at the venue.

> You’ll need to know the layout of the venue and the layout of the head table.

> You’ll need to know the order of the bridal party for introductions.

Chances are, especially if you’ve never been a Wedding MC before, you’ll find that your Wedding MC Duties and Responsibilities will be overwhelming because you won’t know what to do or where to start.

As with anything that you’re unfamiliar with, you’re going to have many questions as you get involved in your duties.

Fortunately, there’s a terrific guide – How To Be A FUN Wedding MC – which shows you how to MC a wedding reception from start to finish and it will save you restless nights and a huge amount of time and stress.

You’ll want to make sure you have all of the bases covered before you enter the reception hall on the wedding day.

In fact, How To Be A FUN Wedding MC has extensive checklists to make sure you’ve covered just about everything.

Click on the image below to find out more about How To Be A FUN Wedding MC

MC A Wedding

In the following video you’ll discover several tips to help you in your duties:

Tip #1

Focus the attention on the bride and groom – not yourself.

As Wedding MC you’re an organizer and facilitator. You conduct the events of the reception but the spotlight is on the newlyweds.

This is the bride and groom’s special day. Remember, the wedding guests came to see them, not the Wedding Emcee.

Tip #2

Make sure you pronounce people’s names correctly.

This is one area where preparation can pay off because there’s nothing more embarrassing than mispronouncing someone’s name – especially if it’s the groom’s last name! So be sure to check to ensure your pronunciation is correct and make appropriate notes on your agenda or in your notebook.

Tip #3

Arrive at the wedding reception venue early. There’s nothing worse than people wondering where the Master of Ceremonies is – especially if things are about to get underway. When you’re late things get disorganized and it leaves a poor impression. If the venue is a long way away, make sure you leave plenty of time to get there and anticipate traffic delays.

One of the signs of a true professional is being on time and ensuring everything is in order before the wedding party and guests arrive.

Tip #4

Create a party atmosphere at the reception. The wedding is a celebration so it’s your responsibility to keep the tempo upbeat and fun.

Your duty as a Wedding Emcee is to successfully transition the wedding guests from the religious ceremony to a celebration of the marriage.

Tip #5

Don’t embarrass the bride, groom, or wedding guests. If the groom or bride doesn’t want to “say a few words” for example, don’t pursue the matter. Be gracious and understanding – especially when it comes to public speaking – because many people are terrified of public speaking.

This tips also includes using humor or jokes.

Use good judgement in what you say to get a laugh. If in doubt…leave it out.

Bonus Tip #6

Follow the bride and groom’s directions. This is where sitting down with the bride and groom beforehand and planning the reception will help you avoid embarrassing mistakes. If the newlyweds ask for something in particular, make sure you include it in the agenda so it’s not forgotten.

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