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MC At A Wedding And Wedding MC Duties For The Wedding Emcee At The Wedding Reception.

When you’re the MC at a wedding you’ll have specific duties and responsibilities, many of which no-one else will know except you. In fact, it’s not unheard of to be handed some hastily scratched out notes from the bride and be expected to put on a brilliant performance as Master of Ceremonies at the reception.

At least that’s what everyone expects. The reality is that if you’re a novice Emcee you might not even know where to start when performing your duties.

That’s perfectly understandable and it’s not something to stress about when you have the proper guidance at your fingertips.

When one thinks about the duties of a Master of Ceremonies what usually comes to mind is that he or she will make announcements.

In fact, your role at the reception is much more than that.

You’ll be responsible for keeping events flowing smoothly and on time as you follow your agenda, commonly known as a run sheet.

You might even be required to give an MC speech or a toast although usually your speech will be the “welcome” speech to the guests before the arrival of the bride and groom.

In the following presentation I’ll show you 4 Wedding MC Duties when you MC At A Wedding…

Wedding MC Duties #1 – Arrive At The Reception Venue Early

Don’t leave things to the last minute. Be at the reception venue well before the wedding guests arrive so you can check the reception room and make last minute adjustments. Take into account traffic delays or unexpected occurrences that could make you late for the reception.

Last minute adjustments at the venue might include rearranging tables, moving the lectern, or checking out the sound equipment and lighting.

Wedding MC Duties #2 – Meet the Key People Involved in the Wedding Reception

The Key People will include vendors, the entertainers, the bridal party, the families, wedding speakers, dignitaries, special guests, the photographer, and the DJ.

Introduce yourself, let them know when they will be called upon during the reception, and ensure any special requirements they have are attended to.

Wedding MC Duties #3 – Prepare For The Grand Entrance

Meet with the bridal party and the bride and groom before the Grand Entrance so your introductions are made professionally. There’s nothing more awkward or embarrassing than introducing people in the wrong order or mispronouncing their names.

Ideally, you have background material on the members of the bridal (wedding) party so you can inject fun and an upbeat tempo into your introductions.

Wedding MC Duties #4 – Keep Key People Informed

Keep your key people informed on what is about to happen so they are on hand for acknowledgements or introductions or updated instructions.

The photographer will need to know when the cake is being cut so he or she will be properly positioned for taking photos.

The DJ will need to know when to start the music to get the guests in the mood for dancing.

As well, it’s important that key people know if there are any delays with the arrival of the bride and groom. In particular, the caterer needs to be informed if the original plan was to serve the meal at a specific time.

Even though you’ll have many duties and responsibilities, there’s another part to a reception that many MCs forget about or don’t know about – and that’s how to make the reception a memorable time for the newlyweds.

In the end, memories aren’t just about the fun at the reception but also about the special touches that have deep significance and special meaning to the bride and groom on their important day.

Those special touches might, for example, have to do with the newlywed’s profession.

Or they might have to do with their college or university.

They might have to do with someone who is very close to them.

Or they might have to do with an interest or a sport or a hobby.

These special touches should be something that are a surprise to the newlyweds and take planning beforehand to create a special and memorable moment.

In the Wedding MC’s Secret List of FUN Ideas (which is included with How To Be A FUN Wedding MC) I show you how to make the reception memorable for the newlyweds.

These are the little-known “golden nuggets” that have special meaning to the bride and groom and will make you stand out as an exceptional MC – even if you’ve never been an MC before – because you did something that went above and beyond the normal duties and responsibilities.

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