MC A Wedding

MC A Wedding: Short List Of Wedding MC Duties For The Wedding MC

When you MC a wedding at the wedding reception, your Wedding MC Duties and responsibilities will be varied – and numerous.

That’s why it’s important to keep a wedding agenda on hand to make sure everything is on time – from the entrance of the bride and groom…to the serving of the meal…to the final departure of the newlyweds.

Here’s a short list of Wedding MC Duties that you will be responsible for as Wedding MC at the wedding reception:

1. Welcome the wedding guests to the wedding reception before the arrival of the bride and groom. This is the “warm up” time to get the wedding guests in a party mood after they’ve come from the wedding ceremony.

2. Introduce yourself to the wedding guests and tell them that you will be their Wedding MC for the wedding reception – which may be either an afternoon or evening event. This is also an opportunity to make other announcements regarding the facilities including rest rooms, designated smoking areas, parking arrangements, etc.

3. Announce the entrance of the bride and groom and formally introduce them to the wedding guests as they enter the wedding reception venue. This is the bride and groom’s first “official” gathering as husband and wife so it’s important that you introduce them correctly.

4. Introduce the members of the bridal party. The bridal party will normally be seated at the head table. Keep introductions brief but interesting.

5. Introduce the minister, pastor, or official who will say grace or a blessing before the serving of the main meal – if there is a sit down meal at the wedding reception.

6. Entertain the wedding guests with Wedding MC Jokes.

7. Introduce each wedding speaker who will be making a wedding speech or a wedding toast. Your introduction might include background information, an interesting fact about the person, or a wedding joke (that does not embarrass the speaker.)

8. If requested by the bride and groom or wedding planners, give the Wedding MC Speech. Some newlyweds do not want formal speeches at a wedding and would prefer one speech by the Wedding MC instead.

9. Read faxes, telegrams, and other messages from friends and relatives who were unable to attend the wedding ceremony and wedding reception. (This is the perfect opportunity to insert “creative” telegrams or messages that you have made up to inject humor into the situation. How To Be A FUN Wedding MC will give you ideas on how to approach this.)

10. Announce the ceremonial cutting of the wedding cake.

11. Inform the wedding guests when the bride’s bouquet and garter will be thrown. You will ask the wedding guests to gather around for these two traditional events.

12. Announce the dance program including the first dance by the bride and groom. You will want the bride and groom to be the center of attention during the first dance.

13. Announce bar opening and closing times or other arrangements for alcoholic beverages.

14. Announce other wedding events that will be taking place after the wedding reception such as after-wedding activities or an open house or luncheon with the bride and groom’s parents.

15. Announce when the bride and groom will be leaving the wedding reception.

16. Announce the formal ending of the wedding reception and thank the wedding guests for attending.

The Wedding MC is the key person who ensures the wedding reception runs smoothly and that the wedding guests and newlyweds have a memorable time.

As Wedding MC you will not only be a speaker and facilitator but also an entertainer to ensure everyone has a FUN and enjoyable time.

That’s why, when you mc a wedding, it’s important to have your Wedding MC Duties planned out well ahead of the wedding day.

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